Delta 3D Printer

Delta 3D Printer, Single hotends, Multiple hotends, Multi-colour hotends(printing heads), plastic filament and 3D prints .




New - 3d Printing colour mixing Hotend (3D color mixing Printing head) FOR SALE

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Build your own Delta printer - free files available for download here





Why a Deltaprinter?

A delta printer is art in motion -

FAST - For delta, all axes are moved by 3 motors simultaneously. This means that the mechanics are rigid and can move a lot faster. That also means that there are virtually no backlash for delta printers.

SIMPLE - Using a 3D Printer shouldn't be a hassle. We designed our printer so that it requires minimal set-up, and so that there's effectively no long-term maintenance.

EFFICIENT - The polar coordinate system allows for faster movements than those of traditional Cartesians printers.

AFFORDABLE - Because a Deltaprinter design doesn't need as many parts as other 3D printers - easy to build.

RELIABILITY - fitted with a suitable filamentfeeder and hotend a Delta is a very reliable printer.

HEATED CHAMBER - to print mostly ABS - for that you need at least an enclosure or better a heated chamber. a Fully enclosed printer easy to fit.

FIXED PRINTING AREA - No movement of the printed objects - it stays stationary - if you want to print medium or big objects, there is a guarantee that the parts are coming out perfect.

OPEN SOURCE - Free open source Software for the Delta printers available on the Net including software to create an object, slice the object, load the sliced object with interface software to the board and firmware to control the printing actions of the printer from the board.

MULTI-COLOUR - Easy to add two or three suspended extruders for multicolour printing.

WATERCOOLING - without pumps easy to use in an enclosed printer where you want to remove heat from the hotend as well as the extruder motors.